Welcome to our new website. After nearly 10 years of great service, we have given our website a complete overhaul. While there were many things we loved about our old website, the march of time is never ending, and technology is ever changing, and so our website had become a little out of date.

Our new website has a host of new and better features. We have better galleries with lots of new and better photos, we will have more information about us as well as more info on timberframing and timberframing techniques, we will have more info on all the great services we provide, and we will have a blog/newsfeed where you can keep up to date on all the great things we are doing.

Our new site was developed by local web developer Jesse Hodges. We are very thankful for all the great work he has done to make our new site better than we had hoped. You can find out more, as well as contact Jesse at http://jessehodg.es/

Please take some time and have a look around.


Tim, Shona, and Colton

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