The SwiftSure timber frame is the focal architectural feature that defines our home. Its honest structural integrity is beautiful. The details make it a work of art.

John Ames


The focal point of my galleries  are extremely ornate old growth cedar timbers that stretch from the floor to the ceiling (you can see them here  The moment you walk into one my galleries you are awe struck by the shear magnitude of these organic sculptures.  Those timbers would not be there were it not for Tim and his group!  Tim & all the folks there at SwiftSure Timberworks have not only been a joy to work with, but they have done EVERYTHING they said they would and could do.  And if that wasn’t enough, they then did a little more, by helping us create a line of custom furniture which we now sell in our galleries.  We have worked with them on the last two gallery build-outs and we plan on using them on the next one too!

Rodney Lough, Jr.


I want to thank [SwiftSure Timberworks] for the exceptional job you did on the timber frame construction for my house in Jacksonville.  […] several years prior to building a house in Jacksonville, I completed a timber frame house in Colorado.  I had one of the best timber frame companies in Colorado complete the house. [SwiftSure Timberworks] work exceeds the work I had done in Colorado.  After three years in my Jacksonville house, the joinery and the timbers look great.  […] I would not let [SwiftSure] start until I was on site to “supervise”.  I planned to spend four days on site to be sure every thing was done correctly.  I left after two days.  It was obvious that you and your crew were much better than I had expected.  Thank you again for such a professional job.

Dr. Bruce Mason


I have worked with Swiftsure Timberworks on both a personal and professional basis. In both cases I’ve found them both professional, and extremely competent.

In 2004, Swiftsure did the timber framing on my personal home. It was a rather large project, with some quite complicated timber design elements. I was truly impressed by the fact that they did all of the joinery work at their shop; yet when assembled on the jobsite, everything went together absolutely perfectly. Also, given the complicated design issues, I was impressed that they completed the work within the agreed upon schedule.

Since that job, Swiftsure has also been a customer. I find them as professional in that relationship as I did in the construction project. Professionalism is their watchword.

All in all, Swiftsure Timber Works is an exemplary company. I would never hesitate to have them do another project for me, and I also value them as a customer. They are first class in every aspect of their operation.

David L. Stuart, President Rogue Pacific Lumber Co.


Tim and Colton have been instrumental in bringing their expertise to the table early on our projects. They have provided a rewarding experience of collaboration for us, the contractors, and the homeowners.  They skillfully bring ideas that allow us to embrace their craft and thus influence our design in positive ways on every project.

Carlos Delgado, Architect


My wife and I had an idea for a gazebo; so we we called Timber works. Tim Allen responded promptly and then guided his team to the design, production and installation of a uniquely beautiful and tightly constructed gazebo.  The product satisfied us completely and we, now, are left to enjoy this structure which fits perfectly into the rustic milieu of our Ashland landscape.

Rick Sawicki, Ashland


Tim and Colton designed, built and installed two huge scissor beams for the high vaulted ceiling in our living room. They’re gorgeous and one of the best features of our home!

Chris Molé, Chris Molé Design


Of the hundreds of subcontractors we have worked with over 50 years in the high end custom house market, Swift Sure Timberworks easily ranks in the top 1%. Their knowledge of timbers, joinery, structural details and design aesthetics are unmatched.
Many clients are unaware of the costs associated with timber frame construction other than they want the look. Some are skeptical of the cost in the beginning, but in the end they are extremely satisfied with the results.

Tim, Colton and the entire team at Swift Sure Timberworks are old school craftsman who truly love what they do and it shows in their products and service.

Matt Bostwick


My wife Misti and I were very pleased to find a local company to plan and erect our timber framed house. Tim and his crew were very knowledgable and pleasant to work with. Everything was done on a timely basis. We would not hesitate to use SwiftSure again.Thank you Tim and crew!

Tom Bischoff


SwiftSure and the Allen family have been one of the most enjoyable encounters in my 40 plus years in construction. They bring all the talents necessary to every project with the follow through to complete the needs of the most complicated issues. My enjoyment to work with them is unmeasurable. They are professional and able and willing to meet the necessities of all construction nuances. My accolades could be no greater.

Rodger S. Whipple


Exquisit Workmanship!
Nice to work with a small knowledgeable family company dedicated to excellence.

Christer Cederroth, President, PlusPower Buildings LLC


Working with SwiftSure Timberworks was the most exciting and gratifying part of our project. Our Home will out live us all with it’s awesome craftsmanship.
One of the things that impressed us the most about Tim and Colton, was their willingness to listen to our ideas and make them work.
Thanks again for all your hard work and helping make our home special!

Laura and Scott Lillie


SwiftSure Timberworks is a Class Act, from the design and shop drawings to the installation of the last timber I saw nothing but attention to detail and true craftsmen at work. The bow trusses and the beam connections are the best I’ve ever seen. I would recommend SwiftSure Timberworks to anyone who is building with post and beam or heavy timber construction.

Steve Lawrence, President, Adroit Construction Co.