SwiftSure Timberworks has moved their shop to a new location in Talent, Oregon
Our new address is,

618 S. Pacific Hwy
Talent, Oregon 97540

Our new shop in Talent, Oregon is 1,600 square feet with an addition 800 square feet of offices, and an acre of fenced storage.

Our shop also serves as our main office, where we do design and shop drawing work. Since our office is at the shop, we have complete control of our product. We use AutoCad to produce both 2-D and 3-D drawings of the project, which are then used to lay-out each piece in a timber frame. After the lay-out is done, everything is double-checked before cutting begins, to eliminate costly errors. Once everything is double-checked, cutting begins. SwiftSure does not use any CNC machinery. All of our joinery is cut by hand using a combination of power tools and hand tools.

If you would like to visit our shop, call us at (541) 535 – 1670 or just drop by anytime during the week.
The shop is open from 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.